No wonder web development is flourishing, given the ever-increasing number of users on the internet. It all begins with creating a professional website that can help business to establish a strong online presence and attract their target audience.  Effective web development plays a major role here.

Web development requires scripting languages to make a well-functional backend and user-friendly front end.. However, a poorly developed website can tarnish your reputation and adversely impact your business.

It becomes crucial to hire a trustworthy IT company that is capable of producing stylish, customized, and user-friendly web development services. To that end, TOG Africa is an excellent choice. This article aims to present complete information about TOG Africa – providing essential and scalable web development services.

GoodFirms Recognizes TOG Africa’s Web Development Services
GoodFirms Recognizes TOG Africa’s Web Development Services


Company’s Overview

Founded in Nigeria, TOG Africa is an international IT firm providing web development solutions to businesses of all sizes. TOG Africa offers a complete solution for website development, such as website design, web applications, internet marketing, web consulting, hosting solutions, and domain name registration.

The company has earned the award of a Great Place To Work certification. By providing a globally recognized and research-supported attestation of good employee experience, this certification gives them a competitive edge in the job market to recruit new employees. Goodfirms understands that by acquiring this certification, TOG Africa wants to deliver high-quality services globally that fulfill the needs of its clients.

The company’s hunger for growth, perseverance, and consistency in providing best-in-class web development services have helped TOG Africa achieve a distinguished standing in the list of Top Web Development Companies in Africa by GoodFirms.

 TOG Africa Experience

With over 5 years of experience providing web development services to clients worldwide, TOG Africa aims to provide innovative and cost-effective IT solutions and gain mutual growth for all. It works with the mission to prioritize the client’s desires and interests.

The tech-savvy team at TOG Africa is dedicated to supporting businesses to succeed in the age of digital transformation. Using their expertise in these fields, they can efficiently execute their clients’ ideas for a new website, mobile app, custom software, or SEO.

TOG Africa Experience
TOG Africa Experience


What Are The Core Service Areas?

The company’s service focus areas are as follows:

  • Web Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • App Designing (UI/UX)


The company has impressive ground-breaking, and enthusiastic team members striving to build more meaningful and engrossing products for their clients. They use discovery, planning, execution, and delivery as their working process to achieve their targets.

Client’s Review

The following review at GoodFirms from a satisfied customer illustrates why they recommend TOG Africa.

Client’s Review
Client’s Review


The company’s unrivaled web development services and authentic client reviews have proved that TOG Africa has impeccable competence and skills in providing complete client satisfaction.

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